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Joe, I'm going to need floor striping for a warehouse that is currently under construction. Can you give me any tips?

Warehouse Floor Striping

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When floor striping a Warehouse, you need to be sure that you hire a professional

When floor striping a Warehouse, you need to be sure that you hire a professional that understands all of the complexities involved throughout the project. Warehouse floor striping is

unlike parking lot striping found on the outside of facility.

The only real similarities these two trades share is the equipment used to place the paint.

Many concrete striping contractors enter into these types of projects not understanding the differences and
that can cost you thousands of dollars not to mention wasted time.

Warehouse floor striping not only requires an understanding of complex paint systems, such as 2 part epoxies and urethane enamels, but also an understanding of what the customer's product needs will
be and foreseeing problems that customer may run into.

Warehouse Line Painting

One of the first questions we ask our warehouse striping customers is how long do you need it to last?
Once we have determined if you are looking for long term or short term paint product, we can begin to cater your proposal to your specific needs. For example, if you need a product that is going to last 5 or more years we would recommend a two part epoxy with shot blasting for preparation of the concrete surface. This product can be guaranteed for five years.

Another example might be someone that has a short term lease, and needs warehouse line painting that will only last a year or two. In this example, we would probably recommend an oil base paint without any prep of the concrete. Though there can be no guarantee on this product, but it should get you through the two years with enough paint adhesion to serve your basic staging and marking purposes.

Many of our customers need us to paint concrete on a loading dock that is exposed to the elements.

We would recommend shotblasting the areas needing to be painted. Then use a industrial urethane enamel product on those sun exposed areas. Urethane holds up better to sunlight & weather than its rival enamels such as epoxy. This is the same logic in cars being painted with a urethane paint product. There are many factors when it comes to choosing the correct product for your job.

Warehouse Line Striping "The Process"

Many times we are asked about the process and what to expect when getting warehouse line striping done. Though most of the times the process is about the same, there are many factors to consider from project to project. The best way to find out what your variables might be is to give us a call and talk to one of our estimators.

Here are a few factors that can come up, and should be considered before starting

Does Your Concrete Need to Be Cleaned?

Often times, industrial warehouses have been sitting for sometime before they are ready to be worked on or in. If you are considering getting your warehouse line striping done and the surface has a large amount of dust or dirt on it, then getting that concrete cleaned is in order. We are often asked to clean a surface to get it ready for paint.

Are you looking for Quality, Value or Both?

Sometimes our customers need the job done right, but sometimes they need it done inexpensively as possible. At Joe Pullaro Inc.we don't compromise quality, ever. Instead, what we try to do is find the best combination of products and services that gets your warehouse painting done within your budget.

How long will the job take?

This is another common question we get asked before starting a warehouse line striping project. Of course, the answer to that question is going to vary

Based on the total number of linear or square feet your project entails. However, what we can say is that most of our projects are based on a 5-8 thousand feet per day scenario. So, if you have a project that is 2000 linear feet or less the project typically takes just one day. On the other hand, if your project reaches into the 100,000 linear feet range, then it will typically take around two weeks from start to finish including a punch list completion.

Other factors need to be considered as well, such as how many coats of paint you are looking for, will shotblasting services or sweeping services be needed, etc. Once we know what your needs are, we can give you a rough estimate of what to expect in terms of a time frame for completing your project. Also keep in mind that if your warehouse is active with products and employees we can paint it in halves or quarters so your business isn't disrupted.

Warehouse Floor Painting & coatings.

If you have a warehouse floor or concrete surface that needs to be coated we can handle that as well. We offer a coating system that can be applied to areas that need to be painted on your concrete warehouse floors.

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