Paint Contractor Tampa

Safety Procedures

At Paint Contractor Tampa, all of our employees must sign a safety policy upon being hired. They are also required to read and sign monthly safety data sheets pertaining to their work.

Joe Pullaro, Inc. requires that all OSHA safety standards at construction sites be adhered to, including, hard hats, safety inspection of all equipment, the safe disposal of waste, rules applying to food, drink, and smoking on job sites.

We also implement our own rules and regulations as in: no horseplay, no smoking, except in designated areas, no consumption of any alcoholic beverages and no drug use.

Paint Contractor Tampa does have a separate drug policy and all of our employees are subject to random drug testing, Drugs are not acceptable, and will not be tolerated in our employees. All of our employees are subject to termination if the safety policies are not strictly adhered to. Paint Contractor Tampa does not tolerate unsafe work practices.

Any specific safety policies on job sites will be posted to the employees before work commences and signed off by all employees that they understand that sites' work safety policy. Our customers should always have the satisfaction and peace of mind that our employees are safe and respectful of their property and structures.

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