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One of Tampa Bay's leading Painting Contractors since 1979

Commercial Painting

In a Commercial Environment, we are dedicated to serving our customers, and seeing to it that Their customers are not disturbed in the process.

Paint Contractor Tampa (a Division of Joe Pullaro Inc.) has served the Painting and Coating needs of numerous Commercial Customers, in the Tampa Bay area since 1979.

Our projects include Healthcare, Athletic Facilities, Hospitality, Colleges, Office Buildings, Apartments and more.

We specialize in Commercial Painting
and applying various types of coatings
and coverings, from Wallpaper to tough Epoxies in high wear areas. We recognize that a professional finish and quality of work is a key requirement of any Commercial Painting contract.

Maintaining a clean work environment is a priority and, as guests at your premises, we treat your organization and personnel with the respect they deserve.

We offer advanced skills including Epoxy Coatings, Asphalt Seal Coating, Parking Lot Striping, Roof Coatings, Wall Coverings and much more.   If you would like more information on our Painting Services, then please don’t hesitate to contact   Paint Contractor Tampa  directly and one of our sales staff will provide you with the necessary information as soon as possible.

Experience Counts

When you are looking for a company  to forfill your Commercial painting needs, you want to select a company that has extensive experience, is professional and cares about the final outcome of your painting project as much as you do.

A commercial painting contractor must have skilled applicators, knowledgeable job superintendents and an inventory of equipment with which to complete the project.

A few of the services offered by Paint Contractor Tampa

  • Staining and Trim work
  • Painting and Texturing
  • Custom Colors and Color matching
  • Mildew & Stain Removal
  • Wood, Drywall and Stucco Repair
  • Coating and Electrometric Waterproofing
  • Acoustic Ceiling
  • Deck Refinishing
  • Power washing
  • Mildew & Stain Remova
  • Elastomatic Coat
  • And much more...