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Epoxy coatings | A Durable solution to concrete flooring problems.

One of the best ways to preserve your concrete flooring is to coat it with Epoxy Coating.   With Epoxy Coating, your floor will be durable and easy to maintain for years.

Epoxy Coating can be colored light to reflect light back up into the work area, or you can make it dark to retain solar heat.   Epoxy coated floors are easy to keep clean, cool to the touch, and it is perfect for use in commercial and industrial buildings.

In general, an Epoxy coating is one of the more common choices in industrial settings where products and machinery undergo heavy usage. Because these coatings are so strong, so durable and so resistant to the atmosphere found in a n industrial setting (heat, chemicals, etc.), it makes it the obvious choice for heavy-duty machinery, tools and other products.

Epoxy Coating can be applied to many materials used in an industrial setting, like cast iron, cast steel and cast aluminum.   An Epoxy Coating can often be found in automotive applications as well due to its heat resistant qualities.   Overall, Epoxy Coatings are one of the most reliable and durable coatings available today.

Epoxy Floor Coating Options

Water-Based Concrete Floor Stains: These acrylic resins penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, providing colorization and protection against harmful elements to both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Water-Based Acrylic Floor Coatings: An Leed-friendly flooring solution (Low VOC), these resist fading and abrasion and may be applied using stencil designs or more abstract patterns.

Elastomeric Floor Coatings: Elastomeric concrete floor coatings are a clear or colorful durable elastic film that provides uniformity while concealing hairline cracks, patches and other irregularities.

Textured Elastomeric Floor Coatings: These provide these same benefits of regular elastomeric floor coatings,while offering the advantage of imperfection-camouflaging textures.

Concrete Block Surfacer: The newer generation of these base coats are used for very rough, uneven cement surfaces filling pores, voids, cracks and pinholes and allow for a variety decorative topcoats.

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