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Joe, what is your technique for removing wallpaper?

Removing Wallpaper is a messy operation

Ask Joe Pullaro

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Move furniture to the center of the room, cover with plastic and Lay down drop cloths on the floors.

Now you are ready to start!

Wallpaper is a slightly messy operation so have some garbage bags ready to go.

Start the process with testing the material by trying to peel back the wallpaper, starting the peel at the top of a seam. If the wallpaper has strong integrity the entire peel will come off easily.

Use a sponge mop with just a bucket of fresh water. I have effectively removed plenty of wallpaper & wallcoverings without using any chemicals. Wallpaper paste is water soluble and within a few minutes during your saturation of the wallpaper the paste will break down.

Sometimes the paste breakdown will produce good yields of paper detachment. Use a 2 inch putty knife to get as much of an edge as you can so you can get a really good peel going. You can proceed to use a 6" broad knife if things really start to progress.

After all the wallpaper has been removed the task is now to remove the remaining glue from the wall. Do this simultaneously as you are removing the wallpaper since the glue is real close to being broke down at this time.

If you wait until later you will have to re-soften the glue again taking the process that much longer to complete.

Removing wallpaper using any method is always tedious and time consuming. The secret is to flush the surface with plenty of water achieving total saturation to soften the glue. It will take a little patience

GOOD LUCK! Joe Pullaro