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Joe, Why do the The Estimates I’ve received for Pressure Cleaning my Homes Exterior vary so much in price.

Pressure Cleaning Prices

Ask Joe Pullaro

You get what You pay for

Maybe this will help you understand the wide variance in advertized Pricing for pressure Cleaning!

We've all seen the yard signs or posters on the side of the road that read "House washing $99.00" or maybe "Any deck any size $79.00" or some other service for an unethical unrealistic price. Some of these ads might include a square footage limit in small print. In any event you get what you pay for.

So what is the difference in the $99 service versus a more premium service besides the price? After all, pressure washing is easy and anyone can do it right? Wrong! Those that have hired the company advertising a ridiculously low price have more times than not had a bad taste left in their mouths afterwards.

Let's first understand why someone offers such a low price. Most people pondering the idea of going into business Have certain traits.

They are leaders, they enjoy people and the community, and they enjoy helping others. Most serious business owners do not just jump right into something without first researching the venture, doing a market analysis, writing a plan, and having or getting some business capitol to start up with.

These are just the general basics of going into business for yourself. After researching and consulting with others in the industry the serious contractor is ready to start putting his plan to action.

The proper equipment is bought, the proper licensing and insurance is put into place, classes for certification may be taken to ensure proper techniques, an advertising budget is set aside, an office
is set up, the Personal finances are all in check, and money is put back for lean times.

With all the right elements and attitude the contractor knows that it has to be all about the customer if his company is going to prosper. He is ready to provide a top quality service with exceptional attention to the customer. He knows what his numbers are and what he needs to charge to keep the company profitable enough to remain in business.

The contractor offering the unbelievable low price has probably not taken even half of these steps. He is the guy that might have just lost his job or thinks it will be an easy money making venture. Their focus is not long term its fly-by-night. They don't haggle with the cost of insurance thinking they will get it later after they are profitable.

They have not researched and have no business plan, and like a captain of a boat without a map, they are at the mercy of the sea. They have no scheme how to sell value to the customer by offering benefits and an excellent service.

Their market strategy is to get jobs by offering a price lower than all of their competitors. It's one of the most common mistake new business owners are guilty of. It's not only tempting because it's easier than selling value but it makes sense to think you can low ball your competition and get all the work.

Their mentality is "hey $20 an hour is better than I was making." Some even go as far as to call their competitors and pose as a potential customer just to get a price so they can beat it. Eventually they figure out it doesn't work like this and they start to become overwhelmed with all the business expenses.

They never imagined falling behind on their own personal finances too. They can't really make sense of what is happening because they don't understand the numbers.

All they know is that they are working from sun up to sun down, so to combat their downward spiral they are forced to start cutting corners on their services and that is where the home owner gets burnt. There are thousands of horror stories of unethical exterior cleaning companies damaging customer's homes and properties.

The sad part is it gives the whole pressure washing industry a bad name. By hiring a company with cheap equipment, far from perfect methods and no insurance the home owner is left in disarray and with a negative perception of professional power washing.

Please be cautious of any ridiculously low price in any industry, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Remember that you can't get a Cadillac for a Volkswagen price. Your home is your largest investments so by working with a more qualified, professional exterior cleaning company you can be sure you will get the excellent service that you expect.

At Joe Pullaro inc. we offer professional reasonable priced solutions for your pressure Cleaning needs

GOOD LUCK! Joe Pullaro