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Joe, Why is it important to "Pressure Wash" surfaces?

Importance of Pressure Washing:

Ask Joe Pullaro

A thorough Pressure Washing is necessary before Painting

Building exteriors are the most common surfaces where business and homeowners consider a thorough pressure wash as regular maintenance or preparation for painting or resurfacing areas. Many other surfaces
that need pressure wash maintenance are parking lots, decks, boats, trailers, equipment, mobile trailers, to
name a few.

A thorough Pressure Wash is important to maintain and remove the following:

  • Old and layered peeling paint coatings
  • Mold and mildew developed due to weather / environmental conditions
  • Damage caused to textured surfaces caused by weather conditions.
  • Preventive measure to avoid progression of damage from conditions
  • that affect surfaces.
  • Removal of chemicals, oils, and other elements that adhere to surfaces.
    Levels of Pressure Washing are:
  • Low-pressure Water Cleaning the use of water pressure less that 5000
  • psi � Most common for office building and home exteriors.
  • High-pressure Water Cleaning is the use of water pressure between 5000-10000 psi � Commonly used for more commercial and retail environments with high traffic and exposure to natural or chemical elements.
  • High-pressure Water Jetting (10000 25000 psi) and Ultra High-pressure Water Jetting (above 25000 psi)
    are water pressure used for high industrial commercial cleaning for buildings and equipments such as factories and airport maintenance.
    Pressure Washing is absolutely necessary for Surface Preparation.
  • Cleansing any hard surface to be refinished asphalt, concrete, metal. Pressure Washing removes dirt and elements from Highways, Driveways, Parking Lots, Runways, Parking structures and Metal frames.
  • Clears surfaces for repairs needed before coatings are applied to surfaces. Eliminates elements and chemicals for new applications to properly adhere to surfaces. Removes Elastomeric, Rubber, Urethane and Hot applications and clears surfaces for new coatings.
  • Proper preparation to surfaces will enhance adherence of coatings, finer finish coat and provide maximum duration of product applied to surfaces.
    Pressure Washing Safety:
  • All vehicles and equipment must be removed from area to be cleaned and near by surroundings.
  • Personal Equipment safety measures must be worn and taken by worker. Securing area from passer bays/pedestrians is extremely urgent. Pressure washing can blast the skin off the bone and injury can be extreme to the upper body and head.
  • Safety signs must be posted to avoid slippage and falls until area is dry.
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