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Joe, How important is it to use the correct paint primer?

Choosing the right paint primer:



Ask Joe Pullaro

Primer is Important If you don't want your paint to peal, then use primer.

The first coat is probably the most important coat of all. Don’t try to cut cost on the primer. The use of the correct primer is very important to have the finished result look even in both coloring and texture appearance.

Primer is usually a matte paint. It is different in properties, including in the way it bonds and is absorbed by different materials. This provides auniform surface, in which the paint can bond evenly. This will give the overall surface an even and professional appearance. A surface that is not given this bonding layer of primer will not produce an even layer of top coat paint, and will look as though spots are discolored or darker/lighter than
other areas.

This is also important in the maintenance or the surface. If the areas are not uniform When painted, the areas
will weather differently, meaning you will have to repaint sooner. Also keep in mind that primer is actually cheaper than just using 2 coats of your finish paint.Two coats of the finish paint are more expensive.

Also, two coats may not be enough anymore as you will see a difference in the appearance of your surface. Most people keep adding coats to “even” it out resulting in more money and possibly a mess that can be costly as well to fix.

There are also primers that help block existing stain damage to various surfaces. These primers are very important before painting so that the damage does not come”through” the paint. Damages such as mold, water damage, smoke damage, especially tobacco residue on ceilings and walls, and even your little ones”coloring” your walls for you can be eliminated just by covering with a good It is a lot easier to simply prime before you paint.

Could you imagine spending big money on extra top coats that won’t bond properly, or look uniform across your surface, when you could have primed first and used less finish paint? This getting the best results for the least money!

GOOD LUCK! Joe Pullaro