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Joe, Which type of paint stain should i use, Oil Based or Water Based

Oil Based vs Water Based Paint Stain

Ask Joe Pullaro

Be sure to purchase a High quality Paint stain

Let me give you some facts that will help you with you’re decision.

There are three common types of Paint Stains. Oil, water, and spirit stains, named according to
the solvent used.
Oil and water are the easiest to use, so that’s what we will deal with here.

Oil Based Stain:
  • Oil-based stains are not easily penetrated by the elements.
  • Oil-based stains dry more slowly than water-based Stains and thus maintain a more even finish.
  • Oil-based stains are far more durable than water-based Stains and thus require far less maintenance.
Water Based Stain:
  • Water-based stains can adhere to wood that has been previously Painted with an oil-based stain.
  • Water-based stains allow air to move in and out of the paint so that The paint does not trap water and cause decay.
  • Water-based stains maintain quality of color longer.
  • Water-based stains are not nearly as flammable as oil-based stains.
  • Water-based stains dry relatively quickly and allow for a quick fix.
  • Water-based stains emit an odor not quite as potent as oil-based stains.

After staining a finish is necessary to protect the wood from water damage, dirt, stains, etc. apply a finish over your stain after it has dried. Its better, to use a stain and finish packaged separately than a stain-and-finish combination, which is just a stain with a little more binder in it.

Oil-based polyurethane and wiping varnish are easier to use than water-based finishes, which dry very fast, raise the grain and are difficult to use in combination with stains.

The best finish choices for a first-timer are oil-based polyurethane in a satin sheen and wiping varnish Oil-based polyurethane provides excellent durability with only two or three applications. Wiping varnish goes on with reduced brush marking but requires many more applications to achieve the same durability. Polyurethane is best for surfaces that get a lot of wear. Wiping vanishes is best when you want a thinner, more flawless finish...

Whichever stain and finish you use, be sure to purchase a High quality stain, your Job will be easier and
the end result will be a professional job you can Be proud of.

GOOD LUCK! Joe Pullaro