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Joe, please explain to me what the term Paint Sheen means ?

Selecting the Right Paint Sheen

Ask Joe Pullaro

Paint sheen refers to how shiny the dried paint surface becomes

The sheen or gloss of paint will determine its ability to hide flaws, Enhance its aesthetic features, and make for easy cleanup and stain resistance Selecting the ideal sheen or gloss level for an interior or exterior paint job involves Both aesthetic and practical considerations.

Sheen or gloss creates visual interest,Especially inside you're home. On the practical side the right sheen or gloss can help prolong the life of the paint, Inside and out.

There are three basic sheens Flat or Eggshell, Semi-Gloss or Satin and Gloss:

Flat or Eggshell paints have the least amount of sheen:

As a result, flat paints are the Most forgiving in terms of showing minor wall imperfections. Add some texture to the mix and it hides even more flaws and you have the reason Textured ceilings painted with flat paint are so common. You would most commonly use flat paint on the walls and ceiling of your home With the exception being the bathroom and kitchen.

Semi-Gloss or Satin paint:

is most commonly used in rooms requiring more frequent Scrubbing such as the kitchen or baths. The problem with scrubbing flat paint is is May develop a slight sheen.

You will rarely use Gloss paint in your home other than on the woodwork and trim or areas where a highly reflective sheen is desired for aesthetic reasons.

The main problem with paint sheens is that each manufacture has a different definition of What a particular sheen is. Normally flat is flat, but it can have a slight amount of sheen?

Another example is satin. One paint companies satin can look like another’s eggshell. Always evaluate the sheen as well as the color before making your final decision

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