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Joe, We have a large asphalt parking lot at our place of business. It is looking bad. What do you recommend?

Asphalt parking Lots



Ask Joe Pullaro

Sealcoat and Linestrip your Parking lot

Well maintained Asphalt parking Lots  project a strong business attitude. First impressions can either bring you customers, or drive them away.

Parking lots that are full of holes and discolored may be a turn off to customers. Also line striping

your parking lot enhances the look and keeps customers parked where they should be, avoiding costly accidents from parking improperly.

Start out by patching and filling any holes and cracks in your asphalt pavement. Use a good, durable product that specializes in the repair of asphalt surfaces. Have a professional evaluate the parking lot
to determine the correct product.

Next, seal coat your parking lot. This helps to prevent damage from oxidation. Unsealed parking lots are subject to this as well as sand, water, and chemicals from the vehicles that travel on it. The seal coat keeps the lot protected and beautiful!

Finally, line stripe your lot. Find out what regulations are necessary for handicap parking and signage, and how many spaces are allowable for your size parking lot. Also, some areas that need to be off limits. such as, dumpster locations and hydrants need to be hatched off to prevent those areas from being blocked by vehicles. Use traffic marking colors to highlight those areas required.This is the final touch
to beautifying your asphalt parking lot.

GOOD LUCK! Joe Pullaro