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Joe, what’s the best way to find a Reputable Local Painter?

Finding a Reputable Local Painter

Ask Joe Pullaro

Ask for a portfolio of projects they have recently completed

Find three local Tampa Painters that’s licensed and been in business for a number of years and
schedule an appointment.

When your local painter comes to your home to give you a quote on the project:

  • ask for a portfolio of projects they have recently completed.
  • How long they been in business in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Make sure they have insurance and can provide you with proof.
  • Get a firm answer on the time it will take to complete their project.
  • Ask if they have a website and youtube videos showing their work, an online presence provides more credibility.
  • Tampa painters should be able to answer any questions you have on the extreme climate conditions that
    are unique to Florida.

Just because one of the painting quotes is the lowest, doesn’t mean this is the painter you should
hire for your home painting project. The saying, you get what you pay for, often holds true when it comes to hiring a Painting Contractor. Consider level of experience, time needed to complete the project, and whether or not paint cost is included in your estimate.

When you decide on the best local painter make sure you are clear with what it is you expect from them.  The painter should do the same with you as well. This puts everyone on the same page with regards to expectations and what is required from each party.  Remember there are many good
Tampa painters out there you just have to take your time identifying them.

When you do find a good local painter make sure you refer them to friends and families

GOOD LUCK! Joe Pullaro