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Joe, Could you please tell me what is the best paint to use on the exterior of my house?

Best Paint for House Exterior

Ask Joe Pullaro

Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams  are two of  the top Paint brands

Although the quality and make up of the paint you choose is critical The single most important factor in painting your homes exterior is preparation, but that's another article.

A surprising number of paint contractors don't have a strong brand preference. Some prefer Sherwin Williams while others swear by Benjamin Moore, behr, Glidden or any of the various National or regional brands. Almost all manufactures make both high and low end paint.

Consumer Reports says brand differences are significant, but at the same time admits to not being able to identify a consistently top performing brand.

Most veteran painting contractors have strong favorites based on their experience. Over years of trial and error they have found which paints hold up better in the unique climate conditions of their particular area.

Sherwin-Williams paints always rate highly. Along with its self named brand, Sherwin-Williams also makes Dutch Boy, Pratt & Lambert, Thompson's Water Seal and other brands. These brands rate highly in tests and earn high recommendations.

The Sherwin Williams flagship exterior house paint, Sherwin Williams Duration is easily the most recommended paint on the market. Duration is available in flat, satin and gloss finishes. It is guaranteed for as long as you own your house. Sherwin-Williams also claims that the paint is self priming and only requires one coat. Although I don't find that to be true it's still one of the best paints on the market

Sherwin Williams Super Paint was the company's top paint prior to the introduction of Duration. Super Paint does not receive the accolades that Duration house paint does. But is still an excellent choice Super Paint has a 25-year warranty. It's available in flat, satin and gloss finishes.

Benjamin Moore's premium formulation has different names for each of its three luster levels. Benjamin Moore Mongol has a "soft gloss finish, and Moor Life is a flat paint. Mortared acrylic luster latex house paint falls between the two in luster. These paints carry a lifetime warranty. And holds up well in a sunny climate.

Glidden exterior paints include Glidden Endurance and Glidden Spred Dura depending on luster. Glidden recommends the Endurance line for a variety of types of wood, but says the Spred Dura paints also work well on other materials, such as vinyl siding.

The most important factors to look for in an exterior paint are hiding power, color retention, chalking resistance, and blister resistance.

When you hear that a paint has " excellent hide" it means that the paint has the ability to sufficiently cover or conceal the surface where it's applied.

Color retention means the better a color holds up over time the higher the retention value.

Chalk resistant paints don't allow the "white chalky powder" to form on the surface.

In wet or damp climates, you'll want to avoid the blistering of the paint which occurs when moisture seeps through and effects the paint from underneath.

Paints usually come in gloss, semi-gloss, flat, and satin finishes. Your wood and siding will ultimately determine which type of finish you choose. The gloss is by far the toughest and works great on trims or shutters that need to be highlighted and stand out. Semi-gloss paints have less shine but are also very durable and work well on home exteriors. Satin paints (also called low luster or eggshell) work well on siding and flat paints go nicely with aluminum or vinyl sidings that have imperfections

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