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Joe, I've started the prep work on the exterior of my house for a new paint job, and have noticed large gaps in the wood trim work. Is there a particular type or brand of caulk you would recommend?

It won't crack — it just stretches.

Ask Joe Pullaro

The best caulk on the market "Big Stretch" made by Sashco Sealants

The ideal product for your needs is Big Stretch caulk made by Sashco Sealants.

big stretch caulk

Big Stretch is a high-performance water-based elastomeric sealant that goes on smooth and even.

What makes Big Stretch unique is its powerful adhesion and flexibility which allows it to span gaps
up to 2 Inches.

Big Stretch won’t crack under any weather conditions.

It may be a little more expensive up front, but this extraordinary product will not only span and seal the gaps in your wood work but save you time, effort
and money in the long run.

GOOD LUCK! Joe Pullaro