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Paint Brands have more differences than their names.

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Best Paint Brands Benjamin Moore | Sherwin Williams| Behr | Glidden

Paint Brands have more differences than just their names. They can have different chemical Top paint brands compositions, finishes and intended uses. When you have a project, you need to find the best paint for the job. Whether you're considering an expensive option, like Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams.

Or an economical purchase, such as Glidden vs Dutch Boy, your first consideration may be the price tag on the paint can.

Once you start researching your options, however, you may find out that another factor takes precedence over price. Consider the following options when you want the best paint brands.

Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams High-end paints, like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, may cost more, but they consistently rank higher for overall quality than other paint options. Both of these top paint brands have paints that will resist fading when exposed to direct sunlight, which helps your paint look better longer. When it comes to Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams, the brand you pick may depend on personal taste.

Benjamin Moore  is the best overall paint brand, according to some consumer reports, and it Benjamin Mooe Paint offers indoor and exterior paint. The company has over 3,000 colors and a variety of chemical compositions from eco-friendly paints to no- or low-VOC paints. You can use the company's software to see how a room will look with a specific paint color, or you can download the software to your computer so you can experiment with interior painting without having to connect to the Internet.

Sherwin Williams   is the best quality paint brand, based on user reviews. The company offers indoor Sherwin Williams paint
and exterior paint, and it has latex paint and oil-based paint. These paints come in several thousand paint colors. While the paint brands appear to be equal in terms of products, Sherwin Williams has better interior design features on its website to help you select the perfect color. The software that lets you upload photos of the room you want to paint works faster than the one at Benjamin Moore, and it provides you with two coordinating colors for each main color.

Behr vs Dutch Boy Some people prefer not to spend top dollar on paint brands. If you fall into this category, you may have more interest in the Dutch Boy vs Behr debate than in which high-quality brand will cost you more. The main consideration should be how long you want the paint to last. Cheap paint options usually fade faster and cannot withstand scrubbing or abrasive action. They usually have more clay and resins within the chemical composition, which can increase the VOC level. While you may not consider these quality paint brands,Behr, Dutch Boy and Glidden do have some benefits.

Behr  For many, Behr is the best big-box store paint brand. You don't have to find a specialty paintBehr Paint store to buy a can of Behr paint. You can walk into any Home Depot and find the color you want. Behr also partners with Disney to bring to life color inspired by Disney stories. This brand works great for individuals who want decent coverage without extra work because many of its products combine primer with enamel.

Dutch Boy  An industry leader since 1907, Dutch Boy is the best value paint brand, according to many Dutch Boy Paintshomeowners. The paint manufacturer created a special method of making paint, dubbed the Dutch Process, and became an industry leader for lead-based paint. After discovering the potential harm of lead, the company changed its process to create more eco-friendly enamels.

Glidden  As the best economy paint brand,  Glidden is another brand that is easy to buy. You can find it Glidden Paintson the shelves at Wal-Mart and Home Depot stores across the nation.

FromVOC-free paints to primer plus enamel options, Glidden paints can meet your basic requirements while allowing you to stay within a small redecorating budget.

Is the Price Worth It?

When you consider premium vs standard paint brands, you may feel like the only difference is marketing. However, premium brands consistently earn higher rankings than standard paint brands, even when testers are providing feedback in a blind study. Since the testers do not know what brands they are evaluating, blind tests strip away any pre-conceived notions that testers may have because of marketing.

The bottom line is that you get what you pay for when it comes to paint brands. If you can only afford standard paint, then pick the brand that appeals to you the most. However, keep in mind that you may have to repaint sooner than you would with premium paint. When you add the price to repaint to the original amount, you may find that you will pay more to cover your walls with standard paint than you would if you had just bought premium paint.

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