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Joe, the acoustic ceiling in my office is is old and looks bad. I was thinking
about cleaning and painting the ceiling tiles, but would like your opinion.

Don’t Replace | Restore Your Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Ask Joe Pullaro

Restore the Look of Your Ceiling Without Damaging Its Acoustical Properties!

The cleaning of Acoustical Ceiling Tile should be left to a Professional

Acoustic ceiling tiles serve a very special purpose (to absorb excess noise and render a quieter, less echo prone environment) care must be taken when removing the filth that naturally accumulates upon them.

You cannot simply paint acoustical ceiling tiles using ordinary paint and application methods.

Doing so will ruin the tiles and require a complete replacement of them at a tremendous cost. Ordinary paint can wreck ceiling tiles’ acoustical properties, glue them onto their supports and destroy their fire retardant properties.

To prevent damage they need a specific cleaning process that only a qualified professional can provide.
To be qualified, a professional ceiling cleaner needs special training, chemicals, and tools that even the majority of commercial cleaning companies do not have.

Don’t Replace | Restore Your Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Instead of replacing your Acoustical Ceiling Tiles have a professional “paint” or actually dye your existing tiles for you. This paint, or more accurately this dye, is a special coating that gives even the most stained and discolored acoustical tiles a like-new look without compromising their acoustical properties.

Choose your Contractor carefully

Any contractor who replaces old with new material may view themselves as restoring the ceiling.
Similarly, the painting contractor or the chemical cleaner can do so as well. That is their perception, either because they do not know any different, or because they have a desire to cash in on what is popular.

You should not consider a contractor that is not qualified as an applicator with Manufacturer of the products specified for your job.

For qualified specialists, the ceiling restoration process is quick and simple. You get a like-new ceiling for
a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost of replacing your ceiling tiles.

GOOD LUCK! Joe Pullaro